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About Strak - LED Bulbs Company

In today’s world, the major struggle is to save energy yet lead a comfortable life! Strak LED totally understands the needs and has very successfully bridged this gap for 3 years now in the Canada LED lights industry. Our vision is to provide the benefits of the LED lights in Canada. We stand out from the rest of the Led bulbs company in Canada as well as Ontario because of the unique vision we have to make LED lighting available for all. LED lights are the best friends for your home. When compared to the incandescent bulbs, the LED bulbs last 25 times more. Thus, we at Strak try to light up every home and also contribute to energy saving.

Why us?

Strak LED has always gone the extra mile to make it happen. The transformation in the LED lights industry is not far away with Strak Led lights. The vision which we have is soon to become a reality. We not only supply our LED light products to major stores but also make sure it’s available for the general public. We have one million products in line which are ready to reach to everyone who wants it.

Strak LED is a name you can trust!