Guide on Choosing Lights that Suit Your Home

Have you ever noticed how great lighting changes the appearance of a living space? Picture this: a room with elegant lights that are charming and bright. It would give a very pleasant look at the home. 

But, here comes a critical issue, how to choose lighting designs for homes that are best suitable for increasing charm. Before that, it is even more crucial to select the lighting stores near me. For these issues and all others, Strak LED is here to help you.   

How Home Lighting Influences the Atmosphere?

Welcome to Strak LED, where we understand the importance of home lighting and provide the latest products. Our main motive focuses on the point that light isn’t just a necessity, but an art feature that enhances the overall beauty and comfort of the spaces. Our expert team is always aware of the current requirements of the customers and offers the trendy, latest, and best lighting solutions for them. We at Strak LED also prioritize the fact that our collection of lighting fixtures caters to various preferences and requirements. 

However, if you are looking for lighting designs for home and you are worried about how light will influence the home atmosphere? We are here to assist you. We have listed some points below that prove that choosing suitable lights increases the aesthetics of a home. 

Setting the Ambiance

Best lighting designs for home have proved to set the atmosphere of a room. The vibrant colours that are a pleasure, boost the look of the room. Nowadays, with a variety of panel lights, wall packs, and LED flushmounts, lighting plays a pivotal role in creating the desired ambiance. 

Enhance the Aesthetics

If you are a person who hates dull lights and wants to have an aesthetic appearance, changing home lighting is the superior option. With just changing lights, you can highlight architectural features, artwork, and decor, that ultimately enhance the aesthetics of the room. 

Optimizing Functionality

Other than influencing the home atmosphere, lighting also optimizes functionality. Because of this equipment, you can task lighting in areas to enhance visibility, making activities easier to perform. 


The lighting fixtures you select are a reflection of your personal taste and style. Whether you like sleek, modern, or traditional appearance, lighting provides you with such looks. Additionally, with the introduction of the WIFI collection in lighting, you can personalize a home with a modern appearance. 

Improving Well-Being

Natural lighting has been linked to improved mood and well-being. Incorporating natural light, where possible, and using warm, soft artificial lighting can contribute to creating a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Our Categories of Lighting Fixtures

Let us now delve into the real world of home lighting. If you are looking for the best lighting stores near me, Strak LED offers ease to you. Our exclusive range of products and customer-friendly delivery options serve convenience to the people. Have a quick look at the range of fixtures:


One of the most-selling home lighting products, chandeliers add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Furthermore, they are best known for adding value and a luxurious look to your room.  From modern gold square chandeliers to American-design crystal chandeliers, you can surely captivate the living space. 

Pendant Lights

If you want simple designs with an incorporation of a modern vibe, pendant lights are the best fit for you today. These lights are elegantly designed for home lighting that illuminate spaces with focused beams. For instance, Japanese simple art fabric pendant lights are popular in Parlors, studios, Master bedrooms, Hotel entrances, and Hotel rooms.

Wall Lamps

These lamps are also known as wall sconces. As you have guessed, these lamps are versatile lighting fixtures designed to be mounted on walls. Whether in homes, restaurants, or commercial settings, wall lamps bring a blend of practicality and aesthetics to lighting design.

With these Strak LED designer collections, looking for a lighting stores near me in Canada has become easy and stress-free. Check out the table for a guide on categories of lighting and where they are best suitable for:

Fixture TypesBest Suitable For
ChandeliersFormal Dining Rooms, Grand Foyers, Entryways, Living Rooms with High Ceilings, Master Bedrooms, Luxurious Bathrooms
Pendant LightsKitchen Islands, Dining Areas, Bar Counters, Reading Nooks, Entryways, Hallways
Wall LampsEntryways, Hallways, either side of a bathroom mirror, reading corners, outdoor spaces 

Top 5 Popular Lighting Fixtures

LED manufacturing companies are moving towards lighting fixtures that are more energy-efficient and smart. Strak LED prioritizes this fact and provides uniquely designed lighting fixtures that are a combination of functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. 

G9 LED Collection

If you want a home lighting fixture that is small but has a bright light, then the G9 LED collection is the suitable option. The best feature of our manufactured G9 LED collection is that they are bright but also consume minimal energy. Their sizes make them ideal for a variety of applications, from chandeliers to pendant lights. 

LED A19 Bulbs 

This collection is the most commonly used Lighting fixture. LED A 19 bulbs are known for versatility and energy efficiency. Beyond energy savings, LED A19 bulbs offer customizable options, such as dimmable versions and a variety of colour temperatures, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your mood and needs.

Wifi Collection

Incorporating AI technologies, the Wi-Fi collection of lighting fixtures is the new face of the future. These fixtures can be controlled remotely by your smart devices. Our Wifi collection features allow customers to adjust the brightness and colour of the light with respect to their mood. These fixtures are sure to add a sense of modernity to your room.  

Slim Panel Downlights

Saving up to 80% in energy costs and providing a life span of 30,000 hours, slim panel downlights are the perfect lighting fixture for a home. Despite their slim size, they deliver significant and evenly distributed illumination. Whether illuminating a kitchen, living room, or office space, slim panel downlights provide functional lighting without compromising on style.

Candle Bulbs

Coming in the shape of a candle, these bulbs offer the elegance of traditional candlelight. The factor that makes them a popular lighting fixture is their energy efficiency. With various designs and colour temperatures available, candle bulbs bring warmth and charm to any space.

How to Choose the Best Lighting Designs for Home?

Imagine this: You’re having a dinner party at your home. As the sun sets, your living area becomes cozy with the soft light from pendant lights and wall lamps. The room feels inviting, and perfect for enjoyable talks and special times. That’s the wonder of good home lighting.

Furthermore, before going to the lighting stores near me, there are key features that you should consider beforehand. These factors involve evaluating the following aspects:

  1. Room Size
  1. Ceiling Height
  1. Purpose
  1. Style and Aesthetics
  1. Functionality
  1. Lighting Intensity
  1. Energy Efficiency, Longevity and Quality
  1. Dimming and Controls
  1. Installation and Maintenance
  1. Budget

Considering these factors will surely assist you in finding the perfect home lighting fixtures for you. 


In final words, home lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of your living spaces. It influences the overall atmosphere as well. However, before heading to lighting stores near me in Canada, it is essential to consider various factors to ensure the lighting fixture with desired functionality and ambiance.  

Incorporating natural light and smart technologies like the WiFi collection can further enhance your home’s well-being and convenience. So, if you are looking for lighting designs for home, Strak LED is here to assist you on your journey to illuminating your home with brilliance and charm. 


Got a question? Here are some of the most commonly asked queries and their responses:

How much does it cost to install a ceiling light?

Typically, it requires $80 to $400 per fixture. This also covers the cost of light and other materials. 

Which is better LED or tube light?

After considering multiple factors such as cost, efficiency, and longevity, it is evident that LEDs are far more better than tube light.

Why it is important to select the right lighting stores near me?

Choosing the right lighting store near me is compulsory to ensure the quality of the fixture. The expert guidance available at such stores also makes shopping more easy and convenient for customers. 

What kind of lighting designs for homes are suitable for creating ambiance?

Panel lights, wall packs, and LED flush mounts play a pivotal role in setting the desired ambiance in a room. 

How long do LED Wifi bulbs last?

An LED wifi bulb usually lasts for 25,000 hours.

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