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Why Us

Strak has been in the LED Market now for over 3 years. We are proud of our commitment to bringing the best LED products to all of our distributors and in turn to the general public. We are proud of our commitment to quality and price as well as continuing commitment to better our products and to develop newer and more efficient LED products. A few years ago , LED was all the latest hype in the technology sector. Today, there are many different LED manufacturers,suppliers,etc. So why Strak then ? For one , unlike the big name brands like CREE,PHILIPS,GE,we are bringing a core line of products that are consistent to all retailers and supply chains. Many of these big name manufacturers and suppliers distribute regular and common generic LED products to the big chain stores and their good grade items to projects or directly to electrical suppliers that many regular consumers don’t know much about. Strak on the other hand has one core line of products that are high in standard throughout, and will be distributing to all the electrical suppliers and the big box stores very soon as well. This is not to say that the big name suppliers and manufacturers are wrong in their approach, but rather strategic. At Strak LED , our goal is to get higher grade items to the general public for the same cost the big name brands are giving for their lower grade items.

Our new C.O.B products are now in the marketplace. We are proud of our higher lumens products that not many companies can provide with our type of pricing which has clearly given Strak a cutting edge competitive market advantage. Our GU10 COB 5W is now 450 Lumens, but our testing has suggested that consistently these bulbs have tested higher in terms of Lumens and brightness. So what does this suggest then ? It simply means that at 5W a GU10 illuminates an output of 450 lumens which is closer to some PAR20 lumen outputs in the market. Our line of COB products which are all consistently distributed to all market scopes, retail suppliers and whole sale suppliers, are a cut above the regular generic LED’s in the current market place. Our standard is also certified for Canadian and U.S markets as we have certifications of CUL,UL,CETL for all of our products. Our new Par30 is now Energy Star certified and our New LED T8 bulbs are DLC which is now equivalent as Energy Star certification.

Overall our products bring lower wattage and higher lumens to the Canadian marketplace. Our standard in terms of certifications has always been consistent. Our warranty of 5 years and 50,000 hours is one of the best in the market , proving that in a short while within the market we have stayed consistent to bringing about the best quality,service,price,and warranty into the Canadian Market.Thus, choosing Strak is a clear cut decision so go ahead and visit our distributor’s section to see where you can get our latest LED bulbs and Fixtures at a Strak distributor near you.